Union Out, Coalition In

Ambassador Ponan allowed for arguments to thrive, but himself stayed quiet. Had he continue to speak, his proposition would have been neglected, while his character was ravaged. His cessation allowed others to take the brunt of any harsh words. When the arguments had settled, however, into technical questions of who, how, and why, Ponan returned to the podium.

“A coalition. We might vote, but I fear we will remain divided. I have the reason why united action is necessary.”

He was older than most, and this afforded him a brief courtesy.

“I studied in this very university, right here in Koagrad. Some of you may have studied on Verdanus, but are then only moreso aware that the University of Koagrad is the only university on all of Tertius. And even so, it is geared only to vocational education in techinical fields. What Verdanus lacks in resources, we lack in education. Only through united action can we insure that trade with Verdanus will aid our independence.”

He glared.

“Else, betrayal will destroy us.”

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