The Truth Will Set You Free

Gordon tapped his data-pad at random with his fingers causing tiny fireworks to light up at his touch. He was bored. History was boring.

“Gordie? Can you share with the class your thoughts on the Avaritia legislation?”

In a bored tone, Gordon recited, “The landmark Avaritia legislation made greed at the expense of others a punishable offense in the United States. It was protested against widely but after the first round of sterilizations, the people began to support it. After that many ills of society, like homelessness and abject poverty, disappeared. A new era dawned. Interest in space travel was renewed, leading to the six Lunar colonies, the Asimov stations, and the Mars Projects.”

“Does everyone think that the legislation was a good thing?”

He became fierce. “No! The desire to better ourselves at any cost, the competitive part of us, the fire inside our species was lost. We traded our long term survivability for temporary safety and technical advancements.”

“Your answers have been recorded.”

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