The shout part 2

‘There’s been no change’ The doctor was said in a voice laced with forced sympathy.
‘I saw her eye lid flutter, I know I did.’ Clair’s mum cried.
‘Just a reflex, I’m very sorry’ The doctor continued speaking, but Clair had tuned out. She was angry, furious in fact. There had been change, she could feel touch much better now. They just had to give her time, she would wake up she knew it. Clair wasn’t going to die. Why couldn’t they do this outside? She couldn’t let out her grief by crying, though she tried. Her body would not even allow her to express emotion and it was becoming unbearable. Her family had been falling apart at the seams ever since the accident which had killed her three year old brother and left her in a coma. She should be with them, she should be sharing the grief.

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