Sorry To Say

Questions: they’re always asked and it’s my job to answer.

“How tall are you?”
“About a sunflower high,” I’d reply with a smile.
“What are those bushy things on your face?”
“Eyebrows my dear.”

However there is always that one little one who dares to ask the question:

“What’s it like down on the big blue marble?”

Only one answer pops into my mind…shit.

I know what you’re thinking. ‘God doesn’t curse!’ Newsflash, I have flaws too, of course a whole lot less than you though.

“Well frankly my dear, it’s a jungle down there. Sh-er bad things happen to good people. The big secret about surviving is you’ve just got to keep on going.”

“But why do you let all those horrible things happen?”

“I don’t! Humans have choices to make. Some humans make the right ones and some not so much, and sometimes these wrong choices end up hurting others in the long run.”

I make up these answers to please them but the truth is I don’t understand why bad things happen. It’s something that’s even over my head…

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