Becoming Sophia (66)

“I couldn’t let Margarete keep it. It was the last thing I had of her,” I said softly. Georgette didn’t say anything, but she squeezed my knee and smiled. “I don’t know why I kept it, honestly. I could never wear something so ornate.” I gazed over at the armoire where I knew it to be hanging.

“What are you talking about? Of course you’ll have time to wear it!” Georgette stood, hands on her hips, beaming at me like she knew something I didn’t.

“When?” My brows furrowed incredulously.

“Oh, dear, you’ve forgotten.” Georgette smirked. “Well, let’s get some breakfast in you. I had the cooks make up their best dishes.”

“But Georgette!” I smiled, frustrated and excited at the same time. “Georgette, what’s going on?” I called, but she was already walking down to breakfast.

Jared was at the table. He and I exchanged glances for only a moment before looking away. Timothy and Michael laughed at us; my face flushed, but I smiled all the same, remembering the look on Jared’s face—it was priceless.

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