Becoming Sophia (67)

We spent my birthday in the marketplace. Georgette bought me silly things; hair combs and perfume. At length, while we browsed I saw a shoemaker and went into his shop. I found the most beautiful pair of silver shoes; they were perfect! I stared longingly at them, knowing that they were too much to ask for. Of course, even though I asked her not to, Georgette bought them for me. I had never felt so grateful. They were a perfect fit! I smiled so widely, I thought it impossible to be happier, but then Jared smiled back at me, and I found I was wrong.

“I see those eyes,” Georgette chastised me, though she smirked just the same. I blushed. “It’s quite alright, dear. I would be worried if you didn’t smile. He seems to like you quite a bit.”

“I’m probably the only girl he’s ever been around this long,” I reasoned, brushing away the thought that Jared could truly feel something for me, though I hoped for it with every fiber of my being.

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