Ringing the Doorbell

Bonzer commanded Arnold: “Okay, Arnie, bring us in. Park it and see if we can interface with the onboard systems.”

They had made their skew flip about forty-five minutes ago and had arrived at the old hotel. They had decelerated for the majority of the trip past the halfway point, leaving enough velocity to match up with the Station’s movement. All onboard felt some minor buffeting as Arnold brought the Fury-161 to docking position, for which the Station automatically compensated.

“Spin maintenance,” Arnold dryly called. “Onboard still functional.” He jabbed at some buttons and switches. “Establishing connection with caretaker algorithm.” Immediately the cockpit window was filled with streaming text logs and images. Arnold assimilated it all as it rapidly flew by.

“There any monitors up?” Bonzer asked. “Any life signs?”

Arnold checked. “Two sophonts,” he said after a moment’s delay. Turning his head, he stared at the lieutenant and the crew through the black ocular enhancers. “One Bioid, one AC-droid.”

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