‘Master, please would you answer a question for me?’ A Soul asked.
‘Of course young one’ The Master replied, he was The Creator. He was the Holy One. He was God.
‘I dont understand, how can there me war and peace in one place. How can there be good and bad? H0w do you know what you are?’
The master thought for a moment, and smiled. So full of questions this one. The Soul would be good, possibly a scientist or a philosopher.
The Soul waited in anticipation. And God merely nodded his head.
The Soul was puzzled, that wasn’t an answer.
The master waved his hand and The Soul could see all of its potentional. Loving, teaching the young, healing, caring, charity. And then the scene changed. Now the young Soul could see, hate, fighting, war, killing, greed and jelousy.
‘Life is a choice’.

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