To feel

Envy. She was envious of the fact he had the key to her heart. She wanted it back. How many years had she longed to feel. He had made her feel. But emotion was dangerous, emotion was a sin.

Without him she would be free. Without him she could return to the shelter that was her own mind. Wanting to be like everyone else. That was a sin. He had been so beautiful, so loving and kind. He had accepted her, accepted that she wasnt … well human. And yet he had loved her.

Love. That too was a sin. That was also greed. And greed was a sin.

Killing. That was not a sin. That was human nature, kill or be killed
And now he was dead. But she could still feel. She longed to cradle him. Why hadn’t it worked? Why did he have to ruin her? She was fine, before he came.

Tears ran down her face. Tears. Sorrow. Grief. Pain. Sin.
It was so easy. She would never feel again. And they would be together, united in never ending darkness. No more sins.

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