Entering the World

Was it the Denai family name, or he, Kelius, who was worth nothing? Kelius came to slowly. I must still have my glasses on, he thought as he took in the blurriness of his surroundings. The light was dim – perhaps it is night and there is torchlight nearby – and a chill made him shudder, reaffirming that conclusion. The shiver, and the jarring motion he made to remove his glasses, resonated to awaken those aches and bruises which he had – apparently – forgotten. He realized that he had been lying down, the blood flow along his right arm cut off by his poorly positioned mass. Moreover, he recognized that he had been lying outside in an alleyway. His shirt, which hit against his back as he sat up, was uncomfortably wet.

Kelius let out a moan as all of the ailments coalesced. His head ached, his hip throbbed, his arm stung, his scabs had reopened, and he smelled of urine.

Yet all of those corporeal concerns were drowned out by an overwhelming despair; he felt his neck. His crystal was gone.

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