A Torturer's Exchange


Want a smoke? No? Alright, suit yourself.

Now you’re here… because you did some very bad things. To a lot of, well, let’s say “innocent” people. And we are not happy about that. No. Not one bit.

We’re the people who have you tied up in a damn chair! In a soundproof room, I might add. Hmm, we should really clean those stains off the walls.

Yes, that’s what they all say, at the beginning. But you will talk to me. Don’t worry, I’m a great listener. Now, what we need to know is, where are your friends, and what have they been up to for the last, say six months?

Well, I understand your reluctance. I do, really. But you see, I have this skill. I can just put everything I feel or think aside for a moment, so I can… work.

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