Introducing a Man Named Ryan Taylor

Meet twenty-nine year old Ryan Taylor.

Ryan is a well-respected police officer. He secretly grieves every morning, on his toilet, of the coming day when his children start calling him “old man”. Although his crooked good-looks and easily teased personality achieved a soft yet strong housewife after many years of wooing, it only took a few years for him to gain three children and he still believes there could be so so much less.
Ryan wishes, on his spare time, for his retirement to come much sooner.

One day, the head of his department tells him to take the Fowler sisters and protect them due to the current activities of a dangerous social networking website and their out-of-town parents’ wishes.

As Ryan Taylor’s finger reaches out to ring the Fowler’s doorbell, he does not realize that the Fowler sisters may grant him his much-wished retirement faster than his blood pressure ever could.

Ding, dong.

Meet Ryan Taylor as he meets the Fowler sisters…

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