A Torturer's Result

Oh, don’t, don’t worry! I’m not one of those fancy “interrogators”, with the shiny tools and grim attitudes. I just use this knife. And I won’t use it to, heh, jab you under the fingernails or something. I’ll just cut off your fingers. All of them. And then your eyes. And your nose. All the toes, too. I’ll leave the genitals to the end, for the big finish. I will do all of this, while you scream and beg and plead, because I don’t need you gagged. I need you to talk. And, to be perfectly honest, you need you to talk.

Now, this? This I do not get. I’m not threatening you! I’m just explaining, very politely I might add, the results of your decision. If I were threatening you, I’d show you these pictures.

Yes, he is such a lovely boy.

Oh I’ll dare. I’ve done worse things to cuter kids. Not that he doesn’t have an absolutely precious face.

Actually, I think I might keep it, after I cut it off his skull.

Now, please. Will you talk to me?

I thought so.

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