Who's the Real Winner?

“He won’t win officer of the year any time soon,” remarked the tall, older sister.

The little sister turned her head slightly towards her sister. “It was 5 to 1.”

They looked at each other and shrugged as their chains shook.

“Too lazy,” they said together.

A tall man with elvish ears walked to them and barked, “Shut up!”

He pointed at them. “If I hear another word, I’ll make sure you never want to talk again.”

The older sister smiled and said daringly, “I thought you guys just stalk girls, not kidnap them.”

With the swing of his arm, he cried out, “Well too bad!”

Suddenly, a man appeared and took the knife blow in her place.

As he fell down, the older sister recognized his face. “He might win it after all.”

Her little sister scoffed. “Maybe, at his funeral.”

The two sisters jumped up from their chains and each landed a solid kick on their tall enemy before landing lightly back onto their feet.

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