Last Embrace

The wind snakes through my hair, pulling my shirt with the vigor of a hungry 5-year-old. The breeze lathers me with the cold night air, sneaking fingers under the fabric. I sway, letting it hold me.

The wafting wind carries a thick salty smell, a taste of earth and water. As I take each breath, the humidity pools in my mouth. The salt tickles my nose as I draw in a chilly lungful.

I let myself sway again – it relieves my back and my legs, to let them relax for a moment.

I open my eyes, to satisfy their curiosity. It is still dark, and the sky is dappled with bright diamonds. They each twinkle, winking with their own private joke. The ink they swim in yields only to the soft light of a beacon up the coast. My eyes are hungry for more to see.

But not nearly as hungry as my heart, once I knew you would never love me as I love you.

I let myself sway again, tired with the effort of resisting. My eyes tire with the effort of seeing. My soul tires with the effort of each breath, each step.

Just one step more.

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