Once I saw a face

The smell hung in the air like an overweight trapeze artist, refusing to go away. As Carl scrubbed the floor, he reflected that the worst part of being on a crime scene clean up crew was how messy crime scenes tended to be. That stain on the wall certainly wasn’t going anywhere. At least the floor was linoleum and not thick carpet. Carl had grown to hate carpets over five years on the job. As he scrubbed, he reflected that the stain had a bit of an interesting look to it. Almost, he thought, it resembled a face.

Five years later, Sandra tore down the ugly flowered wallpaper in her new kitchen. She and Greg had decided before they even moved in that the house was sorely in need of some major remodeling. First to go were the tacky plastic light fixtures, followed by the late 80s wallpaper and curling linoleum.

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