Nothing but Time

Darkness. Darkness darker than anything I can describe surrounds me. I have taken countless attempts at my life, but still I float. Alone. I was insane for some time, perhaps a hundred million years or more. Those were nice years, they passed right by without a thought. But sadly, the human mind is an amazing thing and has the ability to mend itself given enough time.

I lived a thousand lives. A million lives. A billion lives. I saw the future. Hell, I saw the future’s future. I was there for the end of our planet. The end of our solar system. The end of our galaxy. I twice now have drifted close enough to a planet to end up there. And twice now I have again lived to witness the end of a galaxy.

All because of a wish. One wish. One sad, shortsighted wish. Sure, when I was fifty one immortality seemed like a great idea. And it was a great idea. At least for a while.

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