Quit Yo Clownin'

“Looks like Batman gonna have ta get his stroll on! Didn’t wanna have to come to this, but y’all just won’t stop fucking with Dre. So here it is: quit yo’ clownin’ boy! Straight up, direct, and I’ll say it again: quit yo’ clownin’! You know who we is, son? You know how we do? Imma introduce you to a lil’ friend of mine. Don’t mind the assless chaps, he’s really quite docile. YO ROBBY!”

Batman’s voice boomed across the bat cave—its masculine reverberations let Robin know it was indeed time. A few straps and buckles later, Robin emerged from the Bat Spa and Manicure Cave.

“Original rude boy, the do the dudes boy, ain’t no thang but a big ‘ol wang for Robin to be robbin’, my head goes down bobbin’, the spittle takes you from the little to the middle, no use to widdle it, ya gotta fiddle it, tiddle, nibble it…”

“ENOUGH!” Once more did Batman’s triumphant voice of justice and manhood resound throughout the bat cave’s concave curves. “I’ve had just about enough of your insolence. Drop trow!”

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