To Caleb's Future Girlfriends

The thing about Caleb is that you always feel like you’re losing him.

He’ll distance himself. From time to time, he won’t meet your eyes. In most guys, this would be like a metaphorical neon sign flashing over his head, saying Get out while you still can!

In Caleb’s case, it just means he loves you.

To whom it may concern, here are a few words of advice:

Know that he’s wounded to the core. There are parts of him you will never know, and you’ll only drive yourself crazy trying to find them.

You are not the first, and probably not the last. Dating Caleb is something like chasing a taxi; it’s too fast for you, but you still hope you can make it slow down. Because if you catch it, everything will work out. If you catch it, you’ll reach your destination.

Know that there is a box labeled “in case” in the very back of his closet. Know that it contains a switch blade, a set of keys and a few bobby pins that are not your same hair color.

Know that he’s worth it. Treat him well.

the first.

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