That's the Funny Thing

Ryan Taylor jerked up from his hospital bed exclaiming, “What?”

“What your boss is trying to tell you, bird brain, is that you got the wrong pair of sisters,” said the little sister as she walked in with her older sister right behind her.

The older sister smiled. “Be nice, Terrow. We haven’t seen Ryan in two weeks.”

He looked at the sisters and then back at his boss who sat next to his bed. “I-I don’t understand. And isn’t your name suppose to be-”

“May or Maria Fowler?” Terrow finished for him.

Terrow responded, “No, because we’re not the Fowler sisters. We are the Holmes sisters. I’m Terrow Holmes and my older sister is Moiré Holmes.”

His eyes widened with disbelief. “But the pictures! You guys look like the Fowler sisters!”

Moiré laughed and shook her head. “You’ve got it all wrong. They try to look like us!”

Suddenly, his eyes were downcast as he accepted his mistake.

He muttered, “How close was I?”

Moiré laughed hysterically as Terrow snickered. “Next door.”

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