Introducing The End

Meet the Holmes sisters.

They are both unique. They enjoy teasing people. They have also mastered every type of martial arts by the orders of their parents. However, what makes them alike also sets them apart.

Terrow Holmes doesn’t mind being a short ten year old girl. She has a calm demeanor and is extremely talented in acrobatics thanks to her short stature.

Moiré Holmes is a relatively tall seventeen year old. She has a bright personality and probably relishes in pranking and teasing others the most.

One day, when an officer rang their doorbell, the Holmes sisters immediately knew why he was there. Although they knew who he was really there for, they just laughed in their heads and kept quiet. It was a small thing for the Holmes sisters to go along with the whole thing since they were truly and utterly bored.

The Holmes sisters were fairly surprised themselves when they realized exactly how much fun Ryan Taylor was.

So, without further ado, meet the Holmes sisters as they meet “The End.”

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