Day 45: My Invisible Boyfriend By Susie Day

February 14th

It seems Heidi (the main character) and I were in the same situation. Except for the fact that she made up a fake boyfriend to seem cool whereas I had a boyfriend who decided to go MIA for Valentine’s Day making me seem very very uncool. Also she had a happy ending whereas mine seemed as though that would not be the case.

“Are you sure you told him the right place?” Robin asked.

“I sent him directions!”

“Maybe he like got into a car accident or robbed a bank or something and can’t call ya because he’s like decapitated or has to use his one phone call to ring his lawyer ya know?” Lacy said.

If looks could kill I’d probably be in jail right now.

“Not helping Lace,” Robin answered for me.

I know Valentine’s Day is a holiday that big companies make up just to sell candy hearts and boost the Hallmark stock but it would be nice of John to at least show up and not leave me with Robin and…her.

“Why don’t we just go sit down? I’m sure he’ll be here soon.” Robin said.

“Hopefully,” I whispered.

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