Storyline (May 28, 2010)

Jo: Okay, I got this so,… I need a name.

Drew: A name?

Jo: For the heroine.

Drew: How about Susie?

Jo: No.

Drew: Leanne.

Jo: No.

Drew: Jess.

Jo: No. Rebecca! I like Rebecca.

Drew: …

Jo: Okay, now I need a place.

Drew: A what?

Jo: A place.

Drew: What I meant was…

Jo: Come on! Give me the name for a bar! It’s not that hard!

Drew: You didn’t say bar…

Jo: Come on!

Drew: Okay,… Vive la Resistance.

Jo: What the fuck?

Drew: It’s French for—

Jo: I got that it’s French, dipshit. I don’t want French. I said no French!

Drew: Wh— Err, fine then. Dancing Queen"

Jo: No. How about Sexy Sexy? That’s a good bar name. Now, think this time. I need an ending.

Drew: What? Why are you going to the ending before the rest of the play?

Jo: Look, all I need is a God damned ending. Is that so hard?

Drew: You want an ending?

Jo: Is that not what I just said?

Drew: You want an ending? How’s this for a fucking ending?

Jo: … Well?

Drew: Left you hanging, didn’t it?

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