One way trip

Some can fly. Some can read your mind or tell you who wins the game next week. Some lift thousands of pounds with one hand, or outrun bullets. Pure energy shooting from fingertips, sound wave compression and manipulation, shape shifting.
The list goes on.

Me? I can teleport 1.24 miles in a straight line.

It’s just as useless as it sounds. Do you know how many places you want to visit are exactly 1.24 miles away from you right now? Of course you don’t. Nobody does. Do you know what physical objects are occupying the space located 6,547 feet from you at this very moment? Of course not, but it’s very important information.

I bought a house last month.

It’s 6,537 feet from a local bank. I tried to get the next house over, but it wasn’t for sale.

I bought a gun last week. The guys down at the range say I’m a good shot, a natural.

I think I’ll turn in early tonight. Then, in the morning, I will put the gun in my jacket pocket and walk 10 feet onto my neighbors lawn.

We’ll see how the day goes after that.

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