Batman Dies: A Sad Story

Batman then got up, and said to himself “This is outrageous! I’m sitting here, reading Porno-Magaz’ems, while DOCTOR OCTOPUS and the JOKER are out there Causin’ Crime!? What kind of BAT-SOLDIER am I?”

Robin exclaimed, “Yeah, let’s get ’em!” Batman walked over to the hat-rack to get his Bat-Hat. But as he was walking to it, he fell, and hit his head really hard on the radiator before collapsing into a pile of caped cadaver. Batman was dead. Robin ran over to his already-rotting corpse.

“Batman! Batman! Ohhh golly-weee gollickers!!!” Robin cried, as he dug his face into Batman’s gaping chest wound.

Just then the cops showed up. “Oh GREAT”, said Robin, to the camera.

The cops were like, “FREEZE, ASSHOLE!” , while at the same time, unloading their pistols on Robin, and thereby pumping his guts full of lead. After the smoke cleared, Robin, too, was dead.

The Sheriff said to the deputy, “Look at this mess. Senseless.” He sighed, took a moment, and continued.

" Ok boys, let’s fuck some corpses!"

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