Getting The Hell Out

Arnold laughed, “I think they know we’re here. They’re booking it to their ship.”

“Nonononononononononono!” XJ-399 was running at top speed.

YU-443 trailed after him. “But what about the equipment?”

XJ-399 ran through the open airlock and quickly wriggled into his exoskeleton. It’s boosters quickly fired up. “Equipment is replaceable. Do you really want to take your chances with the Confederate justice system?” XJ-399 decoupled and blasted off toward their ship. “Open up!!!” He was shouting as if it might make the space craft open faster. The hatch of their cruiser opened just in time for him to land inside with a loud THUNK and wriggle out again.

The hatch doors closed right after YU entered. Still running, XJ tore off his helmet and opened his mouth. His blue tongue shot out, like a frog’s might, but proportionally longer than one might expect. With a snapping sound it wrapped around a railing in front of a corridor. XJ quickly reeled himself toward it and vaulted through to the corridor.

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