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Dane’s vision blurred as his apartment dissolved under a sea of darkness and silence. Dirty laundry and the next door neighbor’s domestic dispute vanished.

Sounds returned first- waves stroking soft sand, a squawk of dominance, a splash.

Pixel by pixel the world rebuilt before his eyes.A lordly sun sat high and bright. Palm trees waved. A single sea gull spiraled around claiming the whole of the sky. Clear blue water filled the horizon.

A woman rose out of the ocean, water cascading off her. She swayed toward him, exquisite in a dazzling white bikini. “You coming in? You couldn’t ask for more perfect water.”

Dane looked down at the body he had selected- tan, muscular, perfect. In the catalogue it was listed as Bond, James- Sean Connery.

He murmured, “I didn’t think it would be so- so real.” Sean Connery’s rugged voice came out of his mouth.

Close enough to hear him, the woman smiled in delight. “Why not? James, this is real.”

She reached for him and as their lips met, the program became reality.

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