An Unfortunate Blunder

This was his day. He could feel it.

Recess had just begun and he scanned the large playground, searching for Rupert. This didn’t take long; it never did. Rupert was the big, hefty fellow with the omnipresent beads of sweat reposing on his forehead and the huge, grownup-sized fists. Good for punching little shrimps like Devin, right where it hurt the most.

Today was the day that that tough guy was gonna get what he asked for.

Devin strolled confidently across the grass, sharpened stick in his pocket. Though only Rupert’s back was showing, it was clear he had stolen a teacher’s whistle. What for? More power?

Oh, well. It really didn’t matter, did it.

Devin advanced lazily, felt the hot sun on his back that caused the sports T-shirt to stick to his tight skin. He withdrew the stick, shut his eyes and ran at Rupert with all his strength.

Ahhh, hit! A palpable hit! Gotten at last! Didn’t even try to retaliate! Devin could have danced.

Slowly, Mr. Katz the history teacher turned around, dripping blood.

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