The bitter light of day

“Wow! You came. Everybody, everybody. After three, say: What the fuck are you doing here?”
Gram swirled a brandy around a deep glass watching light from the spotlight refract patterns of non existent Morse code; SHUT UP, SMILE, WALK AWAY. He’d never learned Morse code, so he blustered on regardless.

“Seriously, why would any of you want to re-esatblish contact with the Multi fucking millionaire lottery winner who you haven’t bothered to…wait, I think I have the answer”

He tried to remain stoic and distant but the words multi millionaire choked at the back of his throat, trying to desperately to hang on; struggling not to be released, almost sentiently knowing the impact they would have.
Gram hadn’t known loneliness until banking his fortune and had as a result shed all his social skills since. Turning to his girlfriend with tears in his eyes he mumbled

“Would you do me the honour of fucking off to the other side of the world, and staying there for the rest of your miserable life? Thank you!”

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