Let's Die!

Let’s die!

You and I.

Without asking why

Or saying good bye.

No caring. No whimper. No cry.

No big fuss

Because I

Would just

Like to know

What it’s like to ultimately let go.

Your life is only the making of Death: The Show.

Come on! Don’t be a bore!

We can be slain trend setters

Dying with none of that pain or gore,

Without writing forlorn letters.

Leaving no trace of woe

We’ll peacefully go

Easy and mellow—

Sinking in as we swim

In the rivers of our whim

Without a coffin or violin

To lay us in or play and ruin

This greatest mood we’re in.

Nothing would be cooler EVER

Than to take death by the hand and say I do forever.

For no other reason than this impulsive fixation

We can unravel timeless questions with instant gratification.

Don’t you want to learn all about creation?

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