An All-Too-Fair Assessment.

“Set us planetward, but keep us in Tertian shadow. I want to find out what is going on before we are to be assigned to new objectives.”

Horman Cambo assented and complied. He was dumbfounded, but perhaps so was the captain. Horman would probably have swung to get a line of sight beam to Verdanus to contact central, but the captain seemed always to think ahead. It was an irregular lesson, to learn to avoid one’s superiors when pursuing one’s own aspirations, but Horman was glad to accept it – space communications were not nearly as exciting as he had once imagined.

“C-c-captain, what d-do you think we’ll d-discover?”

“Officer Cambo, what did you study at Uni planetside? Well I studied social cataclysms.”

Horman considered answering the question – he had studied the conversion of speech into thoughts and emotions, but doubted that the captain really wanted a response. This was a fair assessment.

“I think that communications with us are neglected because… But that’s just paranoia. We’ll see on Tertius.”

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