Ficly Goes Live

My boots!” Lone Writer wailed despairingly. “My boots are ruined!!
Every head on the island shot up and every pair of eyes focused on LW.

“Is that…?” Started Band Baby, eyes wide.

“Its…” Blusparrow stared in shock.

“Lone Writer!” Cried the Ficleteers in surprise.

She looked up slightly disgruntled, as appropriate for The Island of Disgruntled Ficleteers. “What?” Then she blinked. “What are y’all doing here?” She asked in her signature clueless fashion.

Everyone laughed at her, as usual.

“ATTENTION EVERYONE!” Kevin yelled through the megaphone.

“Kev where did you get a megaphone?” Bartimaeus asked.

“I HAVE MADE AN IMPORTANT DECISION.” He continued ignoring him. “FROM THIS VERY MOMENT FICLY IS OFFICIALLY LIVE!” He pushed a button on his laptop.

Every former Ficleteers jaw dropped. They couldn’t believe it, after all this time… Ficly was live.

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