Beautiful Tyrant

There is a tale of a beautiful queen. She is as beautiful as a morning sunrise that brings a tear to the eye while taking your breath away. None could surpass her fairness.
But inside she is ugly. She yells profanities at all who come into her path and hits her servants. She feels none are deserving of the beauty she brings into the world. Consequently, her foul, blackened heart makes her the most hideous creature in all the land.
But none will tell her so, until one day when she passes by on her daily walk.
A tiny boy stumbles into her path.
“I am too beautiful for you. Scram!” The boy puffs out his chest, opens his mouth, and shocks the land.
“Sure you’re beautiful. But when you crap you smell like every other asshole!”
The queen flies into a fit of rage, snatches the boy in her claws and breaks his neck, casting him aside like a piece of garbage.
There are those that will remember that day for always and meet in secret, plotting their revenge against the beautiful tyrant.

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