Banking On the Other Case

The ship was too bulky and was left in orbit. The captain descended in an exploratory lander, with Horman Cambo along. The hatch opened and their air rushed out into the thin atmosphere. Horman, somewhat incredulous to the situation and thus unaware of this coming change, tried to take slow deep breaths.

“Breathe faster Cambo, hyperventilate. It’s like climbing a mountain.”

They had maneuvered to land into what the captain suggested to be a permanent shade, such that they would not be detected. Horman remarked on this objective to stop thinking about the somewhat painful breathing regimen.

“S-sir, but wouldn’t the ship, an-and our l-lander b-be detected? On a r-regular scan?”

The captain considered.

“We’ve had hours to be detected and apprehended. I think the comm tower is simply not manned. Let’s get moving.”

“S-s-simply, sir? I w-wish we had a sq-sqaud with us…”

The captain eyed him, then produced a device.

“Speaking of Cambo, here’s a beamer. Just in case.”

They moved toward the mining complex.

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