Not so funny now, is it?

Dreyall had a scam that he’d been doing for years, and it still gave him a thrill whenever he pulled it off. See, Dreyall had a thing for big women with chunky, round, grope-able butts. And the uglier their faces, the more heightened his sexual gratification. He couldn’t imagine ever being with one in a relationship, but getting to cop a feel with no repercussion really got him off.

The scam: he would site some unsuspecting “beauty” and casually walk up behind her and grab one of those luscious butt cheeks firmly in his hand, squeeze lustily, and say, “Doreen!” Or “Leticia!” Or any other name he could think of. When they faced him, he’d pretend he had mistaken them for someone else, and they never would come back at him.

Today he was erect just looking at this one. Over six foot, obesely overweight, and a butt that made him swoon, there was no time to waste. Taking a handful, he cried out, “Selena!”

She turned, wrapped her arms around him, exclaimed, “Oh Allen,” and kissed him fully on the mouth.


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