No One Would Notice

I hate myself.

Roxy definitely hates me too. She’s thin & mysterious & sleek & everything a girl should be. That’s why she hates me… because I’m her opposite. She hates having a roommate who’s so ordinary.

Drew follows her everywhere.

She’s mean to him & he still tries to win her. Why isn’t he that way with me?

I’m kind. I dote on him. I send all the right signals to show that I’m interested, but all he cares about is Roxy.

All anyone cares about is Roxy.

I hate that.

I hate that I’m the girl who is always alone. Roxy doesn’t even like people. I like people.

Drew wouldn’t notice if I was gone.

He might ask in passing: “Hey, whatever happened to Annabelle? That was her name, wasn’t it?”

No one would notice if I was gone. No one.

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