One More Step

I fingered the metal bars that kept me confined. Their cold steel pushed the reality into my mind – that it would be years before I could escape from this Hell.
Thoughts raced through my head. What if…, How could I…, What have I done?! I hadn’t meant to… never meant to… couldn’t have wanted to…
The sheet beneath my jumpsuited body was the only soft thing in the room. I scrunched it into vanilla folds inside my fists as my brain came to some sort of conclusion. I had no control anymore. Any power I had over myself evaporated when the jury gave their verdict. My soul was as guilty as their words.
I tore a strip from the sheet and twisted it tightly, winding it into a loop and hooking it onto the poorly placed iron rafter above me. The guards were dealing with something else; no one would notice me go. They wouldn’t have anyway.
I stood on the shoddy cot and slowly pulled my handmade noose over my Croydon ponytail.
One more step, and it won’t hurt so much.
I pushed myself off. One more st—-

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