“This simply will not do at all,” the Kyzillian Purser’s Mate moaned. “This is a cruise liner; you cannot kill a human here. It’s murder, I tell you!”

Human blood soaked into the fine carpet.

A Ssznake, who was being restrained by security uttered a gutteral tirade in its own language and struggled for release.

“The Ssznake is innocent. Release it.” spoke a human voice from the crowd of onlookers.

“Really?” The Kyzillian expressed relief/joy. “You are a witness then? Saw who murdered that man?”

“Not ‘who,’ precisely. But rather ‘what,’ " said the voice, which was attached to another human, who stepped forward so as to be seen.


“The man was killed by a projectile. The wound says that much.”

“But from where?”

“A micro meteor penetrated the hull, here.” said the man, pointing, “and then the victim.” he pointed again.

“Just a victim of chance,” murmured the Kyzillian. “Bad luck, bad timing.”

“Bad luck and bad timing,” the human echoed and allowed himself a wry smile of self satisfaction.

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