Simon was passing sand from a clenched fist to an open palm below. Jamie was waxing lyrical about his girl. It was warm and comfortable sat in the sand, these two best friends basking in each others company.

Jamie pulled a picture of his girl out of his wallet, his eyes lit up as he looked at her. He told Simon that he could not wait for the day when he held her face and kissed the end of her nose. He imagined how she would wrinkle her nose up as her face would bloom with that gorgeous smile of hers.

Suddenly a huge explosion hit to the right of Simon. Jamie felt a hot blast rush over his face as he was pushed with force to the ground. When Jamie came round Simon was laying lifeless shielding him from the blast. The comforting sound of a chinooks blades thudded above.

Jamie help load Simons body into the chinook. They rose gently into the air and off into the distance.

This would also be the day that Jamie was lost to us. He never recovered from the horrors of that day.

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