Submitting a Sequel as a Challenge

He stared at his screen, dumbfounded. Why did he have to choose? Most writers would apply to a challenge by navigating to the Challenges page, but no – he had to first sequel another writer’s submission. It was too late to go back and fix that ficlet.

He certainly did want to participate – but his ideas were no longer wholly his own! He wished, desperately, that he could prequel that entrant’s story, but this time have it count.

His desperation crazed him, convulsed his shoulders, and poured sweat into his eyes. And there, refracting painfully through the salty droplet, lay the Address bar. Where was he? Why, he had just clicked participate, and the URL showed What was remarkable? Why, the challenge, rather than the prequel or sequel he was used to.

He opened a new tab, this time copying the prequel=##### segment, and added it into the URL. He pressed enter.

Success! He wrote, and hit submit.

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