Tired of Waiting

I’ve lived an eternity of darkness since they came… since they destroyed everything.

When I’m honest, I admit that our lives degenerated into a negative utopia long before.

It’s easier not to be honest.

Now, though… Now, things are going to change.

There is no place to have the hideous thing removed – although I doubt I would do it if there were such a place. I’ve only an inkling that tells me courage once existed. I have none now.

Bionic hearts may beat forever, but in the 212 years I’ve lived, mine has done nothing but keep me from life.

Not Anymore.

There are things we’ve forgotten, but tonight we must remember. It begins with the two of us.

I don’t love him. Nor do I know what love is. I may have known at one time, but now…

It doesn’t matter.

Pregnancy was the first to go, so it is the first thing to be taken back.

He and I will relearn together.

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