The phone on the other end rang three times.

“Don’t go to voicemail. I thought you would be up by now.” Leslie fumbled with her list of contacts as she waited for her sister to pick up the phone.


“Oh, hey sis. I just got my new Blackberry.” Leslie smiled.

“Cool, what color is it?”

“It’s purple! Isn’t that great? I know I’ve really been into the color orange lately, but it doesn’t come in orange.” Leslie gulped her coffee.


“Right. So, nothing special. I just put my contacts in and was checking to make sure that I put them in right.” Leslie bit into the bagel and reached for her napkin.

“Well, I’m a lot fussier with my eyes.”

Leslie blinked and held the phone infront of her, “The letters and numbers are kinda small, but you could read them.”


“The numbers are small. My fat fingers are more of a problem.”

“When you put your contacts in? What does that have to do with numbers?”

Leslie sighed, “Phone contacts. I don’t wear contacts, Lisa.”

“Who’s Lisa?”

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