An Anniversary Poem For Her

My girl is an angel, sent from above.
How do I know this? Because this is a perfect love.
She knows when I’m upset; and exactly how to fix things,
In every picture she sends me I swear she has angel wings.
Because out of every girl I’ve met, I’ve never seen one like you.
And even out of the new ones I’ve seen, all of them had nothing on you.

You are like a goddess so beautiful and kind.
Every word you say manages to blow my mind.
Whenever I hear you laugh, I can’t help but smile.
Because by far you’re the coolest girl I’ve seen in a long while.

Whenever you leave; the days seem so long.
And everywhere I go there’s a love song; that reminds me of you.
I think about you all the time, even more when you’re gone.
And when I look outside and see the world, I can’t help but see us together.

They say opposites attract and I can beleive that.
Look at us, tall and short, black and white.
I love you for everything you are, and everything you aren’t.

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