His Aura

I wait here… Yearning to be set free. Yearning to say something.
Yearning to leave the warm dark cage that keeps me, traps me.
As I wait, I have the power to control his body, arms and legs, but I cannot control his words.
I tell him something and he says another.
“I desperately need your help.” Says a friend. I tell him sure, but he says “I don’t feel like it..”.
I am frustrated. I feel I am powerless. I am the aura around him, bound to him, and yet he says what shouldn’t be said and doesn’t say what should.
Suddenly, He feels weak. His body is not as strong as it used to be.
He lay in his bed. He closes his eyes.
I feel like I was being lifted, pulled out of him. I am free! I thought. Free from lingering there.
I look down and see an empty shell. As I am being lifted I realize that the impossible person down there that would not say what I felt, was me.
His spirit.

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