The Pages of Her Book

She put down the book, with her pen attached to his aura chapter.
She paced the courtyard, realizing that she is D’Angelo’s Aura, or at least she could be.
She flipped the page, and next to D’Angelo’s picture, she began to sketch a woman with rose pink eyes.

She stared at the bushes, waiting for this woman to come through the bushes like D’Angelo did, but nothing happened. She stared at the picture and then looked at the bushes again, but nothing happened

“Where are you?” she yelled out loud. She caught an eye of a nun walking by.
“Child, are you okay?” said the nun.
She ran across the yard, and hugged the woman.
“Sorry Mother Clarence, I was playing with a lizard, and it ran away.”
The nun smiled, and walked away.
She didn’t mind lying to the nun, but she was frustrated with the outcome of this new woman character.

“Where is she? What do I have to do for her to be alive too?” she mumbled.
A small red berry fell out the tree above her.
“Oh there you are” she said as she looked up, to find…

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