Her Rose Pink Eyes

The woman stretched out her hand and pulled the girl up to her feet. The woman wore an elegant dress, one that the girl had wanted for a long time. She pulled out her book and began to sketch the woman as she saw her. Rose pink eyes. Long black hair. Relatively tall. Suddenly the woman disappeared before the girl could sketch her legs. She decided to make the woman’s legs from what she could come up with. She thought about it. How hard is it to make legs? , She thought to herself. Then she began to sketch the woman’s long legs. She took out her colored pencils and shaded in the woman’s skin to make her complexion a caramel color. She was in quite a pensive and quiet mood today so she reflected her mood into the woman’s personality. “She will be a demure young lady.” The girl declared to herself. She looked at the pages admirably, until something occurred to her. She wondered what type of relationship should she have with D’Angelo. Love interest, mother, sister, friend. This was hard to decide.

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