Professor Dugan, the most renowned theorist of all time had perfected a machine that could warp you through space (but not time, for he was not THAT smart).

Him and his two colleagues Prof. Ruben and Prof. Cook had just flipped the switch to begin the first test drive when they found themselves on a planet that seemed composed of gigantic flora. Investigating the fields of giant leaves and flowers (all brown and ugly, I might add) they lost themselves in thought (you know, scientists).

Prof. Ruben approached Dugan. “Sir! Prof. Cook has stolen the machine!”

Dugan seemed unabashed by this news, too interested in what the planet could be made of and where it could be. “Really?” He told Ruben “Did he happen to mention why he did it”

“Something” murmured Ruben " about a giant monkey I think"

“Clearly Cook must have gone mad from this new discovery of a planet” thought Dugan.

At that moment the gigantic monkey they were standing on (not a planet at all) picked them out of his hair and had himself a snack

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