Welcome to the Neighborhood

The neighborhood was about twenty-odd years old, and in that time it had not enjoyed much in the way of change or any sort of excitement. Many of the neighborhood’s more visible and notable residents had long since made themselves staples, posturing themselves as important or great contributors. Others were uninvolved if present, mere regulars in the local supermarket, recognized solely on sight with little else known of them aside from their names.

Brevity’s recent arrival in the neighborhood was mixed. Wallflowers like Adage and Quip recognized her potential and were eager to gain prominence at last by latching themselves to her. For the self-professed leaders, she was a nobody out to undermine the status quo.

Though they could not explain why she chose this particular point in time to move in, they were aware that her arrival signaled sweeping change. If not more new neighbors, then power shifts were in order. Verbosity had already tasted her sting; no doubt Lyrical and Andrew Jackson were next.

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