Into the Jaws

Ravenous, the creature ran through the fields adjacent to the neighborhood. Giant thuds accented the crackles and explosions in the night sky while stringy slime dripped from its gaping maw. It had been too long since the last feeding and it was desperate. Quietly, it plodded through the backyard stalking a girl making faces in the bathroom mirror. Lips quivering, it reached for the door.

Out front, everyone was laughing and yelling, the fireworks this year on the cul de sac were the best ever — BOOM! Crack-crack-crack! Kids were running between fountains spouting rainbows of flame waving sparklers wildly.

“This is the greatest ever!” Five kids burst into song, “Oh say can you see, by the dawns early light…”

The door crashed. The girl screamed, then was quickly silenced with a loud crunch.

Bright colorful light illuminated the lawn chairs as sparkles fell from the sky on a beautiful warm summer night. Suddenly, Drew appeared from no where and ran into his dad with a giant bear hug.

“Where’s Sara?”

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