The Cuckoo's Nest

Please, just stop crying and listen to me.

No, listen. Just listen.

I’m sorry I made you feel unimportant. Yes, I was wrong. I was drunk, he was drunk, things just happen sometimes, you know? It was a one-time error in judgment. I’m never going to see him again. I don’t even know his name. It’s never been about anyone but you. It was a mistake, and I’m sorry.

I know it’s not going to seem like much, coming from me now, and seeing as how you’re waving a knife around and I’m scared as hell right now, but I do love you, I’ve always loved you, and if you died I’d -

Where are the kids, Doug? It’s five o’clock, and they don’t have any practices or games tonight. They’re home, aren’t they?

Why would they be in the basement? It’s unfinished. The carpet’s hasn’t even been laid down there. I don’t like this at all. Stop crying, Doug. I can barely understand what you’re saying.

Fine, I’ll check up on them. Just don’t do anything to yourself, please. You need to calm down, back up a bit, put the knife down and-

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